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Here are 7 methods to protect your phone from hackers-opinion

Disclaimer: Before we you proceed, it should be noted that no product will be mentioned in order to avoid indirect advertisement. The main purpose of education is to gain knowledge. For further information, carry out researches and gain more knowledge of topic.
In this present age and time, the rate by which technology advances is stunning because everything is about to go digital. Banking transactions can now be completed online, buying and selling can be done online, online churches, online schools, online therapists, online jobs.
As these online activities increases, the need to protect our gadgets (i.e phones, laptops e.t.c) from unwanted third party access increases, as all our private data can be lost to these so called hackers. From my knowledge, a hacker is anyone who can break into a secured device to access information either for a client, or for personal use.
However, it should be noted that your friend, family and close relatives may be the hacker you need to protect your device from. He/she don't have to hold a certificate in computer science before he/she can be able to access your device without permission. There are many illegal tools designed to help non-computer literates hack effectively. With that in mind, here are signs which your device may give when a hacking attempt is being made.
1). Frequent pop-up sites you've probably never visted before. Some may be porn sites or fake anti-virus alert, just anything to convince you to click on the link so that the hacking program which will steal your data can be tranfered into your device.
2). Strange activities that changes the home page of your device. It's a sign of the presence of a new program installed in your device.
3). Unusual mass emails sent to your email account. This happens when the program is trying to colonies the matrix of your device.

4). Frequent software crashes and password change. Once your device sends an alert that your password have been changed, that's the only sign you need. It means you have a hacker on your tail trying to steal information from your device or online accounts.

The above stated are just few of the signs i know based on personal experience, if you really want to protect your device, more signs are available online or better still get a computer programmer if your private informations are worth protecting.
After my device was hacked, here are seven ways i learnt can be used to protect my device from further intrusion.

i). Avoid illegal and pornographic sites.
ii). Stop clicking on seductive pop-up ads or easy money sites. Most of them are baits to lure potential preys.
iii). Backup your data monthly incase of an unpredictable attack.
iv). Never leave your device with a complete stranger. For families and friends, never allow frequent and exclusive access. Always be present when your device is been used by a third party.
v). Beware of the applications and softwares you dowload. As programmed, your device will restrict untrusted and harmful applications. Don't fight with the inbuilt security that comes with your device. Pay close attention and act fast when your device spots a compromising application.
vi). If you think a third party is aware of your security protocols, change it immediately. The brain acts against possibe threats. A regular change of security pin, pattern or password is highly suggested.

vii). Get an trusted antivirus and security software. Sometimes when you visit the App Store, your device as programmed will recommend compatible and trusted applications and softwares. Better still, contact the producers of your device and ask for a trusted and compatible software.
The above stated methods are just based on personal experience, further studies will give you better knowledge on more suitable steps to take. Thanks.

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