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What to do when a private number calls you

There are 2 ways in which you can hide your caller ID. The first way I’ll show to you is the easiest and quickest to do. What ever the reason may be for your intentions to conceal your caller ID – every one deserves privacy at some point. Now, lets get down to it.
Just dial #31# followed by the cell number you wish to call then press the dial button on your phone. That’s it, your phone number has been concealed. [ #31# ‘number’ then dial button.
The 2nd is for people who want to (i think) keep their phone numbers private for a very long time, because with this one you wont have to keep pressing #31# every time you dial a number. Not sure why would some one want to conceal their numbers for “ever” but in case you are that person, here’s how to do it.
Your phone rings, you look at your caller ID, and the number is labeled “Private” or “Unknown.” What do you do? Do you pick up the phone, let it get to your voicemail, ignore it, or block it
With more and more people giving up their home landlines, smartphones are increasingly becoming an individual’s first point of contact. As a result, people don’t want to be constantly bothered throughout the day by unknown or private number calls.
Although it is allowed for people to block their numbers for privacy and confidentiality, it’s also within your right to uncover the identity behind a private number
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There are always numerous persons calling from unknown phone numbers. They may range from con men and phone scammers to ex-spouses or legit businesses and clients trying to get to you. These calls are made to mostly get ones attention, provoke or even fleece mobile phone subscriber’s money and financial details.
Before giving you the information on the possibilities of unmasking your private caller, we invite you first to discover the method used by your interlocutor. Several codes are used to hide a number before launching the call, including * 67 and # 30 #. Once you type the code, simply add the number of the person to contact and press the key on your phone to start the call! Thus, your recipient will not see your number on their screen. Rather, one of the following will appear: “private”; " limit " ; " mask " ; "Unknown number" or "no caller identification". Anyone can do this
Intertel has also made its call unmasking service available to the public and promises to unmask any private number - whether to cellphones, landlines, or even VoIP calls. Or you can also use a third-party app to help you unmask private calls
To get real-time results, IMEI & GPS call trackers can be used to track the location of a phone call. Apps like GPS Phone & Locate Any Phone are great with tracking mobile phones, even when the phone is not connected to the internet. You can know the GPS coordinates of a phone number within seconds
Calls that can (and cannot) be traced. Unknown, unavailable or out-of-area calls are not traceable because they don’t contain the data needed for a successful trace. On the other hand — and maybe surprisingly — private, blocked or restricted calls can usually be traced just fine.
Hang up on private callers. If you simply don't want to hear from private callers you always have the option to hang up the phone. Even if you have a call screening service some people will enter all zeros just to get through. You always have the option to hang up on them or not answer the phone